Saturday, 21 March 2015

vacation from real.

it seems like every post i write now a days starts with something to the effect of "excuse my absence, school is trying to kill me."
well, that's because it's true.
i'm in the final semester of my program and am taking 8 (count 'em) courses this time around which has proven to be potentially life-threatening.
however, much like gloria gaynor, i will survive.

in desperate need of a mental vacation before the torment that will be 8 finals, i fled to the one place always puts me at ease - california <3
i spent time some time with my sister, felt the sun on my skin for the first time in monthsssssss, ate some amazing food and got my sanity back.
as always, i'm just gonna some of my favourite pics in one mega post :)

what is the actual point of this photo?
they need to install a flash for you know, black people.

march 5th
calabassas chillin'
the face of a girl who submitted her health administration paper at 5:58pm.
it was due at 6:00pm.

march 6th  
la nights

march 7th
santa monica days
this girl stays snapchattin'...
not home but always reppin'.
oh just Jesus singing "wonderwall"...

always talking...

ignore the belly rolls.
just know that i eat well.

march 8th
lunch at moonshadows

i'll never get over pepperdine's view...

different city, same pose.

spotted at the malibu country mart.

favorite hymn <3

obnoxious #1.

self-timer shoot.

 march 9th
vanna black.

pics or it didn't happen...
casual hikes through runyon with lamar odom.
my favourite kardashian making me look like a polly pocket.
obnoxious #2.

crab sushi roll and dare i say, i loved it.

march 10th 
aka. the day i walked over 18,000 steps.

march 11th
la/beverly hills
what is going on, lol?

until next time, america