Friday, 19 December 2014

damn grace and gratitude, where the hell ya been? *kanye voice*

answer: drowning in finals.
i saw this gif the other day which sums up my sentiments post-finals perfectly:

anyways, post-exams i've been busy with work and catching up with friends i've been ignoring the past couple weeks.
i wish i had taken more photos but sometimes you're just too busy having fun to snap pics, ya know?
anyways, here are some random snapshots of the people/things that captured my heart over the past couple of weeks:
getting "turnt" one last time with jamille before she leaves us for the land of cowboy boots and rodeos.

we had our first snowfall of the season and my sister captured this beautiful shot of her son, nico.
it reminds me of "where the wild things are" for some reason.

speaking of nico, he and his rosalina started a youtube channel.
it's called the "nico and roro show" and i think it's the cutest thing!

let these girls be a reminder to us all that racism is taught.
children do not see color, they are taught to see color.

i'm not even a fan of cats but i need this feline in my life.
so pretty.

i love sprinkle donuts and i love christmas.
so naturally, christmas colored sprinkled donuts are my ish right now.

while at the beauty supply store, i stumbled upon this little girl on a conditioner bottle.
for whatever reason, i feel that if i'm ever blessed with a daughter one day, she will look like this girl.
random, i know lol.

my cousin saturne gave me a copy of this photo from her wedding and i'm obsessed.
this is like 15.3% of my family.
we're large in number and we're insane but i love us.

on my "study breaks", i started re-watching buffy and have fallen in love with these two.
i can't remember how their love story ends but as of right now, i'm rooting for them.

and lastly, they sing this every time it snows <3

to any one who wrote finals recently, hope they all went well.


  1. I really like this post its all different topics but it gels well. The snow picture awesome, the little girls holding hand lovely and the cat am not a fan myself but it was cuteee. :) Have a merry xmas. Also I wasn't doing finals but I was handing in some work as well, I was going crazy, that gif was perfect.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Throws confetti for winter break!

  3. This was the cutest post Vanessa! So many wonderful things about it, and Nico is the most adorable little guy :)
    You're so right about children not seeing color, but being taught to.


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