Thursday, 31 July 2014

fun with balloons.

i've been saying for a while now that i wanted to have a photoshoot with balloons.
i'm weird, i know.
anyways, my cousin and i were bored and had a couple of pesos to waste.
so, we headed down to the party supply store and got a bouquet of balloons and have an impromptu shoot.
(are the called bouquets?)

anyways, i present to you the side effect of boredom and too much tumblr...

they don't look possessed at all...

the birth of las bandidas...


ps. this shot of my "princess assistant" is ever-ree-thannng:

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

richmond hill ribfest - 2014

the annual richmond hill ribfest was held this weekend, so my family and i decided to pay them a visit.
this was our second time attending this event and we had a great time.
the ribs were amazinnnnnnnnnnnnng and the performers were actually decent this year.

this year, i bought my ribs from hawgs gone wild and they were deliciousssss.
if ever one of these ribfest passes through your town, i highly recommend it.
unless, of course you're vegan or something like that then uh...maybe not so much.


i guess "rude" by magic! isn't one of his fave songs...

post ribfest madness.
until next year, ribfest.
until next year.


Monday, 28 July 2014

life lately - july 2014

it's been a while since my last blog post.
i'd love to say it's because i've been travelling the world but can only attribute my absence to laziness.
shameful, i know.

instead of trying to create multiple blog posts, i've decided to just create one extremely image heavy blog post that essentially sums up july 2014.

nico graduated daycare - kindergarten here he comes!
(this actually happened at the end of june but we'll add it here anyways...)

weekend getaway to NY:

reunited with my long lost love, logan while in brooklyn:

saturne's 90's theme bridal shower:
my sister (the MOH) threw this 90's themed bridal shower for my cousin and it was a blast!

as i mentioned in a previous post, i'm always chosen to be the bride in this game, lol.

the aunts and their mother.
me and zi grandmother.

cousins reunited.

bonding over their love of all things thomas and friends.

new found love of rings pops.
then (2011) and now (2014).


only one of us was excited to zip-line...

nico being nico:
find nico...

love these shots - captures the essence of nico.
only thing missing are some dragons and dinosaurs...

adventures with tania:

tania started playing this dumb game and it has taken over her life.
real life convo:
(tania): "oh no no no no nooooo!"
(me): "what?"
(tania): "i forgot i was in a photshoot, damn."

i hope you're all having a great summer.
i'd love to hear what you've been up to!

ps. because it's monday and because i've been listening to this song nonstop...
i present to you hostage by sia (if you're not already familiar).

for the vast majority of the song, i have no idea what she's saying but i love it just the same.
something about the beat makes me so giddy.

pps. any other big brother US fans out there?
it it just me or is this season actually really good?

team donny
team zach.

ppps. just because i didn't get a chance to talk about this fool before he was evicted (praise Jesus) from the house...

shoutout to devin.
one of the most delusional people to ever play the game.
pppps. he has a daughter.