Monday, 23 June 2014

music monday: ed sheeran

a friend of mine suggested i listen to this song this morning and i am obsessed.
the arrangement is beautiful in itself but what sold me were the lyrics.
i mean, "i fall in love with you every single day"...*swoon.

ed (we're on a first name basis like that) was quoted as saying "thinking out loud" is his favorite song off his new album, X.
i agree, ed.
i agree.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

sh*t nico says...

me: "nico, what's your address?"
nico: "i don't have a dress...i'm not a girl."

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

wise word wednesday: FNL

i'm a couple of years late but thanks to netflix, i have now experienced the magic that was friday night lights.
i have about 3 episodes left and have been stalling as i don't want the show to end *tears.

if you're not familiar, the show is set in the fictional town of dillion, texas and centres around coach eric taylor and his high school football team.
the acting is phenomenal and the writing is genius.
so much so that i'd like to dedicate this week's WWW to some of my favorite FNL quotes...


...this post :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

music monday: mapei

all things swedish are pretty amazing, and mapei is no exception.
i came across her song "don't wait" recently and it has been on the heaviest of rotations ever since.
i'm excited to discover more of her music in the future but until then, excuse me while i listen to "don't wait" for the 100th time today.


edit: i just stumbled upon an acoustic version of "don't wait" and *tear, it's beautiful.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

more wine, please!

over the weekend, i headed up to niagara to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a dear friend.
a bachelorette weekend, if you wish.
as requested by the bride-to-be, i won't reveal much about the weekends activities nor her identity.
i will, however, share some snapshots from one of my favorite moments of our weekend - zi wine tour.

partaking in a wine tour is something i've been wanting to do for a long time.
so, when it was suggested as a possible activity, my wine loving soul rejoiced.
the region of niagara, specifically niagara-on-the-lake, is famous for it's vineyards and wineries.

we ended up going to trius winery at hillebrand for our tour and i quite enjoyed myself.
our tour guide took us on an extensive tour of the winery grounds - through the vineyards, into the wine cellar - and was very knowledgeable about the wine making process.
upon completion of the tour, we were each given a taste of three different types of wines - white, red and ice wine.

luckily for us, our creepy yet rather connected taxi driver had given us vouchers for an extended wine tasting.
so, we were able to use those to sample another three types of wine in the wine shop.
being that ice wine is my ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i used my voucher to sample the other three ice wines on their menu.
it's a shame a bottle was $60 'cause i really wanted to take a bottle or two home with me.
sad times.

hope y'all had a fun weekend :)

random snapshots:
dream house, actually.

dream wine cellar?
chain and all.

avery, me and the disguised bride-to-be

we also walked by the falls for a bit and there was this beautiful rainbow that i tried to capture...

and lastly, just because i never want to forget this moment...
(fill in the blank) got us liiiiike....

Friday, 6 June 2014

friday funnies

my friends and i are constantly sending each other funny photos/memes/gifs etc. that have us dying of laughter.
so, i thought i'd start a "friday funnies" section on my blog to share these photos with you all.
(read: find a way to still keep these photos without depleting my phone's storage...)

this weeks meme:

i don't even know what this meme is called or it's origin but this girl never fails to make me literally laugh out loud. 
no lie, i do this face myself at least 5 times a day.
here are some of my favorites...

have a great weekend :)

paint lounge

this cute art studio named paintlounge opened up close to my workplace a couple months ago.
intrigued (read: nosey), i went in one afternoon to get more information.
as i'm always looking for something new to do, i convinced my sister (jennifer) and our friends (alicia and racquel) to spend an afternoon being artistes.

though many structured workshops are offered, we opted to go in for a freestyle session.
essentially, you are given 3 hours, a canvas and access to acrylic pants and supplies and sent on your way to paint whatever your heart desires.
as i'm obsessed with my wittle nephew, i opted to paint a little homage to my boy...

i had an amazing time and definitely see myself going back.
apparently little studios like this are popping up all over the place.
if there happens to be one close to wherever it is you live, goooooooooooo!
get yo' picasso on!