Tuesday, 15 October 2013

where my canadians at?

"give thanks in all circumstances." - first thessalonians 5:18

yesterday the true north strong and free celebrated thanksgiving day!
as much as i love me some christmas, thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday.
it's the one holiday where the purchasing of gifts is not required - at my house anyways.
it's a time spent with family eating the most delicious food and taking a moment to be thankful for the good things in life.
(any holiday that combines family and yummy food is fine by me...)

my sister, brother-in-law and i took it upon ourselves to cook the entire feast and i'm glad to report that as of tuesday afternoon, everyone is still alive.
we didn't want to bite off more than we could chew, so we kept the menu relatively "small"...
butternut squash au gratin, corn casserole, alfredo bowtie pasta with shrimp, brown rice, shepard's pie, turkey with cranberry stuffing, carrot cupcakes filled with cream cheese, vanilla cupcakes filled with vanilla pudding and pain patate aka. haitian sweet potato pudding

this kid, lol.

for our table decor we used miniature pumpkins as both flower and tealight candle holders:

i didn't take many photos last night as i was too busy eating but here are some random shots:
my sister jennifer is away at school but we found a way to include her in the festivities...

a little wishbone action

the parental unit and their spawn minus one

i was quite proud of my little centerpiece, though i forgot to write down the name of these flowers :(
midi rings - aldo; nails - penny talk (essie)

to all my fellow canadians, i hope you had an amazing thanksgiving.
and, to my fellow americans, i'll be joining y'all in eating more turkey in november, whoot whoot!



  1. It's unfortunate that I had to miss such a lavish event, but rest assured I will be there in about three years lol

    1. i'll make sure to set a seat for you at that time, haha

  2. The table decos look sick!

    1. thanks!
      shout out to loblaws for the mini pumpkins, haha.

  3. Ahh so fun to see "early" scenes of Thanksgiving (sorry, lame American over here!) xo

    1. haha, happy i could be of service.
      it is a goal of mine to celebrate both thanksgiving someday though.
      double the turkey!